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Bionew USA Corporation TeleCycle provides a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of electronic asset disposition and recycling services that caters to our clients in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Through a process of demanufacturing, our clients’ end-of-life, surplus, and obsolete information technology assets and electronic equipment are sorted by type and dismantled into their parts and components. These parts and components are then further disassembled into their basic commodities for the extraction of copper, aluminium, steel, precious metals and various engineered plastics. These commodities are then sold through our global remarketing channels to downstream smelters, refineries and mills.

Hazardous materials extracted from the assets are sent to off-site specialized processing plants for treatment. All of TeleCycle’s downstream consumers have been audited for regulatory and environmental compliance..

Electronic equipment is composed of various plastic and metal elements, including traces of precious metals and traces of hazardous metals (such as lead, mercury and cadmium). As such, electronic equipment that is land filled not only discards valuable resources that could be recycled and reused, the hazardous metals contained within them create adverse environmental and health effects. Therefore, their proper and responsible recycling is essential to reduce, and manage solid and hazardous waste, protect public health and conserve valuable resources for a return of economic value.

Where mutilation and destruction of assets is required to protect your company from security threats and compliance failure, TeleCycle offers its clientele its shredding services as part of its recycling service. This involves the physical impaction and fragmentation of the assets in our shredder followed by the salvaging of the recyclable commodities. This prevents any possibility of reverse engineering or the retrieval of reusable parts and components. It therefore provides absolute assurance of brand protection, avoids unauthorized warranty claims and prevents competition against existing or new product lines

An additional feature of our shredding service is the strategically located interior and exterior CCTV surveillance cameras installed throughout our facility enabling us to provide our clientele real-time surveillance to witness the shredding of their assets via web-link, for their convenience.

TeleCycle’s shredder is powered by a 125HP motor, which mutilates and shreds our clients’ assets. Moreover, our shredder is installed with a state-of-the-art air abatement system capturing dust and other air borne particles generated during the shredding process. This assures the safety of our personnel and is part of TeleCycle’s commitment to being environmentally conscious and responsible. TeleCycle’s shredder is audited annually for its particles and noise emission levels to ensure it continuously meets the standards set by the relevant authorities.

Our recycling services which include:

  • Demanufacturing services.
  • Shredding services.
  • Data destruction services.
  • Asset remarketing services.
  • Resource management services.
  • Asset management and disposition reporting services.
  • Transportation and logistics support services.
  • Decommissioning and deinstallation support services.
  • Risk mitigation services.

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